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Corporate Overview

Born in 2014, Artline has pulled out all the stops to help boost power engineering business in Bangladesh. It eyes excellence in business to achieve techno-autarky of Bangladesh. Astoundingly, through relentless endeavor over the last two-plus decades, Artline is now deemed as a top power engineering business dome. Besides its routine biz, it hunts indigenous talents across the country and inducts them aboard its teams

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The Boss

"Artline Engineering Ltd. (AEL) is a reputed Engineering Company in Bangladesh specializing in the field of power distribution and control. Artline Engineering Ltd. (AEL) in 2014. Since that time we have successfully completed a good number of projects. Our company is a pioneer and leader in the manufacture of all kinds of Panels and paints and involved in its supply and installation. We employ the best professional expertise to serve our customers. We enjoy recognition of being the most dependable supplier of Sub-Station, Busbar Trucking system, All Kind of Power & Distribution Transformer, Diesel & Gas Generator and 33/11KV VCB. We have a modern workshop for manufacturing all kinds of Panel like HT, LT, PFI, MCC, DB, SDB, MDB & EMDB etc."

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